“I believe that the wider the awareness, the felt knowledge, evoked by a play, the higher it must stand as art.”

Arthur Miller from his essay, Brewed in The Crucible

The Wateryard group started in 2008 by a group of dedicated people to bring live theatre to the countryside. Wateryard has a democratic and open commitment to stage thought provoking plays every two years in St Dunstan’s Church and other venues in Mayfield. Its aim is to act as a steering committee for productions. The ethos of the group is to involve both professional and amateurs in productions and to encourage everyone to share their theatrical expertise and enthusiasm.

We actively encourage schools involvement. The group is open to anyone interested in all aspects of theatre, whether it is music, directing, acting, design, lighting or back-stage. If any of these appeal to you, whether you are a professional or amateur, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Wateryard?

Have you wondered why we are called Wateryard? Tim Cornish, one of our Patrons explains. . .

Early settlement in Mayfield took the form of dispersed farms (often near streams) rather than a village. In 1285 the area west of Mayfield was tenanted by the archbishop of Canterbury’s serfs. One of these “virgates” of 100 acres was called “Wateryard”, covering the modern Mere’s Farm and Allen’s Farm.


The provision of educational support is important to the Wateryard Group. For each major production a pre-performance talk is given that is appropriate not only for schools who are studying the play, but also for individuals planning to attend the production.

Our constitution

Our constitution is available for download in PDF format.

The Wateryard Group is supported by the generosity of many local supporters.

Patrons to The Wateryard Group are:
Dr Lisbet Rausing
Kirrie Wratten
Kathryn Pogson