Bringing live theatre to the countryside

Mayfield Community Play Autumn 2018

A play for you … about Mayfield past and present

A group of people in the village are planning a community play with the aim of building relationships between everyone, of all ages; celebrating local history and culture; and, of course, having fun.

Our play will be written by Suzi Hopkins and directed by Stephen Israel and produced by ‘The Company’ and the community of Mayfield. The production will use local talent and local buildings as the set, such as St Dunstan’s, the Memorial Hall and Mayfield School Chapel.

The play will be created from old and newer stories about Mayfield’s history, peoples’ memories and what it is like living here now. Old stories could include: St Dunstan and the devil, the religious martyrs, metal working, the Bishop’s Palace, smugglers and ghosts, the railway crash and the wood carving school. Newer stories could include: founding the bowls club, building St Thomas’s church, moving the fire station, converting pubs into homes, building the scout hut, growing the primary schools, burning and rebuilding the cricket pavilion, and so on and so on…

What happens next

Autumn and Winter 2017            Listening project
Share your stories about life in Mayfield past and present to inspire our writer Suzi.

Winter 2017 to Spring 2018        Spreading the word
Help tell people about the play and sell the idea of the project.

Spring and Autumn 2018            Performing
Join our drama improvisation and music workshops, led by Stephen, then take part.

Summer and Autumn 2018         Behind the scenes
Volunteer time to help create costumes and props for our play.

Spring 2017 to Autumn 2018      Crowd funding
Encourage people to donate and sponsor our project.

Want to get involved?

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